Ripping the bandaid off. A little about me.

Well, this is me, Buffey Maria Favata, ripping the bandaid off. With the longest case of writers block I can remember. {My mother is the author, not me.} But I am sitting in a health food store, sucking up the wifi, and well, because I am not a Starbucks fan, this is where these things happen!

This is my blog. I am starting it for personal and professional reasons.

Before either of us goes any further there are things you should know.

I curse. If this troubles you, leave now.

I am me, always have been. I may conjure from time to time. Some days it may be Lucrezia Borgia ‘ s Chef d ‘ patisserie, other days maybe Spielberg’s secretary and still maybe even Dame Cicely Saunders’ chauffeur. I have seriously been called ‘beavis’ And ‘yoda’, by the same people, more than once. A very good psychic told me in my first lifetime I was a teenaged South American warrior/soldier who died gallantly during a battle in the jungle. Perhaps this can explain the some of the things I find funny. ..I was, after a teenaged boy! One day I wish to conjure Rodin’s lacky. I really want to be better at clay.

We may get to my resume later. It is nice to finally be old enough to have all of it believable. There is always work boots and a little black dress in my jeep for a reason.

What works for me, works for me.

People often question my diet and habits. I will share them with you. But you may need some tweeking for it to work for you.

I believe every body is different. This may mean each person needs a different fuel, gastronomicly, emotionally and physically.

My words, are just words.

What I have learned from my experiences. I certainly will not know everything before I die, I can only learn, as much as I can, before then.

I like to be held accountable. And will gladly help you stay accountable to. Just ask.

I am far from perfect. But i am perfect, for me now. As you are for you. And if you disagree, change it. There is no magic pill.

I learned recently, that people think I judge them based on my own practices. Um, no.. I have too much shit to worry about. Yes, I think you probably need to eat more veggies, or go for a walk, or meditate.. but I enjoy these things and know they are good for me. It doesn’t mean I think you are lesser person because you don’t do them.

If you want help, just ask. But love yourself enough to stick with it.

At one point in my life, was seriously sick ultimately because of anger and stress, and I swore to myself I would never be in that place again. So you probably won’t find a bitch fest here.

I do get grumpy, bitchy, and oh! How I can rant!(and I probably will from time to time) But…I like to try and be positive, it’s healthier for me.

My family means the world to me, by blood and gratefully added members of my tribe, I am blessed and love you all. Thank you for putting up with my, well, me.

I have never given birth. Yet, I have had the honour to help raise many children. You may find some child rearing notions here as well.

And as for taste.
Yes, there will be recipes and remedies. But there is more to me than that!

This is me. Diving in head first. A pinch of what you may see, a taste of what could be to come.


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