my Josebella

Her body is tired.

She is brave. She is beautiful .

She created  an environment  full of love

Despite .

The youngest of thirteen . If I remember  correctly .

Named after her deceased old sister.

She didn’t  speak until she was six years old.

The mother  of five of her own.

Her heart is ninety  five years old .

The machine .

It has  processed  so much .

So much more  than I could even fathom.


Every day she prays  and gives thanks


every  day  she loves  each  and every  one  of us.

Something  perhaps ,  we all should  do.

She has seen  change ,

the strongest ,bravest woman  I will ever  know.

Being  born in a time  , in a  village ,

Before  light  bulbs  and  running  water

Through  to a time when  she can look into a metal and  plastic  box, to speak  in real time with her great granddaughter  …..

Marrying  for love ,  in a time when that was not always acceptable . Brave.

Living through  a air raids with young children,

walking  them miles to companga,in the dead of night, strained  by illness ,  malaria  i think she said. So they could  be  safe.. her young husband  at war .

loving, strong.

Sending  her daughters  and  husband  off on a ship  to a foreign  land, not knowing  how and when, she would  EVER  see them again . But knowing ,  she would ,


To then, be a solo mother  to three young boys. Loving

There was no wifi… no quick call to check in.

Loving … strong.

Packing her life,and her three boys and two  years later  getting  on another  ship  to sail  across  the  ocean .  To an unknown  world , ….


Starting  a new  life  in a new world  for better  things for  her children. Leaving her own  parents and siblings , some she  was never  able to see again .    Learning  a new language , creating  a  new support  system. Finally  finding  work, SURVIVING , to give your  children  a better life , regardless of her comfort.


Surviving .

Burying her husband and children  though illness  and tragedy

Raising her grandchildren .


Extending open  arms to all those  who  came here  after her…. To help make their arrival  more comfortable .



So,  twenty  years  ago

She asked  me how  I   could  be so brave… so strong . ..

To drive across a country   (where I spoke the language  ), by myself . ..

I just  laughed… I told her  these things.

I said them all   to her .

I am  happy  that  I did.

“Josebella ,” I  said , “I don’t  even  begin  to  be as brave and strong as you.”

She  is human .  She  is  love.

I was “brave”…for  fun… for work… for adventure . .

Because , I get itchy feet , and like to travel.

My Josebella  was brave for love .


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